We are an NPO creating a movement of solidarity to survive the COVID-19 pandemic together. My mask protects you,
your mask protects me
and we are fighting the virus together
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We are creating a movement of solidarity to survive the Covid-19 pandemic together taking special care of the most vulnerable communities.

Public Health Education

Since education is the best way to raise awareness in a bottom up fashion, we develop specific e-courses available for all.

Direct Community engagement

Partnership with other NPOs that potentiate our work and vision is crucial. Working together we distribute masks and invite everyone to join the movement.

Expand the message​

The content we develop is endorsed by Latino professionals from the scientific world and we train local ‘ambassadors’ to spread the message reflecting the community needs and worries.

Covid-19 is the #1 Global Health Issue
There is no cure and vaccines are just rolling out.
Some populations are at great risk
Masks: cheapest, safest, and most powerful

Our Masks




Easy to wear and easier to clean

Why are masks effective?

The Economic Impact of Masks is Huge


If 80% of Americans wore masks,
COVID-19 infections would plummet.

The Problem

Covid-19 exposed
Inequities in Health Care

People of color Refugees Homeless

+ Have less income
+ Live in crowded conditions
+ Use public transportation
No coordinated contagion-prevention campaign
No unified mask donation strategies

Control of Covid-19 is extremely difficult at the local, state, and national levels

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Take Action

Let’s do our part in helping keep Ohio safe and healthy

Cover or Covid in Action



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